Carl Korsnes 


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Making Painting Great Again


Odd Nerdrum - Making Painting Great Again is now available in stores!

Texts: Odd Nerdrum and Carl W. Korsnes

Design: Öde S. Nerdrum

Publisher: Arvinius + Orfeus

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"Painting as a discipline is ruined; it is time to make painting great again." Thus sounds the masterful painter’s philosophy, and these are his points of contention: First and foremost, the painter is a craftsman; furthermore, the painter should seek what is everlastingly relevant. 
Nerdrum’s idea of making painting great again means reintroducing a concept of craftsman-like quality. The painter should be allowed to say, "I've made something wonderful, and I'm proud of it." It is no coincidence that Aristotle is the thinker who has most influenced the kitsch philosophy. He claims that craft has its utility and value in what is made - that is, the product. Mimesis, or representation, is an asset, not only because one finds joy and insight in recognizing a motif, but also because one can recreate action in a painting. All human feelings take form in action. Stories that utilize familiar scenes and archetypal situations are, according to Aristotle, of the greatest value, because they are expressions of the universal.
Odd Nerdrum gives the discipline of painting back to the people. Art is for the sake of Art. Kitsch, however, is for the sake of humans. Removing the intrinsic values of art makes painting a tangible phenomenon again. The feeling of usefulness will return, and thus the valuation. Painting is lifted to old heights. Painting is made great again.

~Carl W. Korsnes